Recently the Star Trek: Elite Force II Server list remains empty, this is due to the Elite Force II Master Server being down.

Read our article how to solve that issue.

Our Utilities

Star Trek: Elite Force II

EF2 Version Switcher

T his tool allows the user to switch fast between version 1.01 and 1.1 (Patched).

Switcher preview

You need your game to be patched before you can use the tool.

The Tool is based on a Idea of Joe Nuss, with Authorisation to use this Idea the program was created and the Idea and has been expanded.

This tool includes the official server patch 1.01, which is compatible to version 1.0.

DOWNLOAD the switcher: | | HaZardModding

Dedicated Server Configs

These legendary dedicated server configs make a Administrators life easier.

The configs have been used for 3 years in the Elite Force II disintegration league, they are not just limited to disintegration, they allow Administrators change quickly the Game-Types and Modifies of a Server with just one command.

For example: Rcon exec desi, executes the config named desi and sets up the server for Disintegration. There is a config-set for each Game-Type, detailed Informations can be found in the readme.txt

DOWNLOAD Dedicated Server Configs: | | HaZardModding

HZM Dedicated Server Utility

This simple tool allows you to start quickly a dedicated Multi-Player server.

It is a very simple Utility containing the commands needed to start a proper Windows Multi-Player Server, the important command set g_gameType 1; which sets the Game/Server to regular Multi-Player has been often forgotten and the server never showed up in the Server list, the reason is Elite Force II does handle dedicated 2 separate from g_gameType, it really runs dedicated server in Single-Player if g_gameType is not set to 1.

DOWNLOAD Dedicated Server Configs: | HaZardModding

Autoexec Config Tunning Documentation

This Documentation was used in the Star Trek: Elite Force Leagues as reference.

The Documentation describes what each command is used for and what the minimum and maximum values are.

DOWNLOAD the Documentation: | HaZardModding