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Our Tutorials

Game Engine: id-Tech 3 (incl. EF2)

BSP-Level based game Engines

BSP-Level Engines preview

This tutorial explains how the technology behind the mapping process works.

And it shows the game engine knows what it has to calculate. The required background knowledge is included.

A good start to become familar with the legendary id-Tech3 aka Quake3 engine!

DOWNLOAD BSP based game Engines: | | HaZardModding

Modifying a BSP File (Binary Space Partitioning)

No map source Files? No problem, edit the compiled BSP level!

Bounding Box preview

This Tutorial will show you how to Hex a bsp compiled level for ID-Tech3 based games like: Quake3, Half Life, Half Life 2, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Jedi Knight Academy, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force , Star Trek: Elite Force 2, and many more...

The downside of a bsp is that you cannot simply load it into a Level Editor and edit it from there, it's a little more tricky than that. This tutorial will help you get through it.

DOWNLOAD Modifying a BSP File version: 1.02: HaZardModding

Bounding-Box Introduction

Bounding Box preview

The good old Bounding-box is used for collision detection of any kind, but still there is much more to know about it.

It is one of the very raw basics for a good id Tech 3 gamer, mapper and modder to know what the Bounding-Box is!

This tutorial will introduce the good old BBox to you.

Even when the Bounding Box from ef2 differs from other games, this document will give you a good overview for anny game

DOWNLOAD BBox Introduction: | | HaZardModding

Star Trek: Elite Force II


This tutorial introduces the file-types used by Star Trek: Elite Force II.

File-Types preview

If you are new to modding or you have no idea what all these files do, then you should read this tutorial!

DOWNLOAD File-types tutorial: | | HaZardModding

Mapping Standards

Contains detailed information of the Mapping Standards.

Mapping Standards preview

It will be helpful to you if you plan to release a map or if you just started mapping. This does NOT tell you how to build maps!

DOWNLOAD Mapping Standards tutorial: | HaZardModding

Cinematic Example Files

This example map shows you how to do your own Missions including cinematics.

Please note that cinamtic seqences only work proper in Single-Player.

DOWNLOAD Cinamtic Example: | | HaZardModding

Planet Attack Skybox

This is an example how you could realize a simple orbital attack in the skybox or/and a flying Object hunting and firing on the player.

The script is commented, the *.map source file is included

DOWNLOAD Planet Attack Skybox: | HaZardModding

ÜberRadiant Basics

This Tutorial was made to help beginners for EF2 Mapping/scripting/Modding.

It explayns how to setup the ÜberRadinat correct. Since the default Settings of the ÜberRadinat are ÜberCrap it has scared a lot of "wish to be come a modders" to "I will never become a modder"...

DOWNLOAD ÜberRadiant Basics: | | HaZardModding

Character Patrol Tutorial

This Tutorial explayns how to let a Character patrol, in this case only a Char wich does support this feature.

This is no AI-Scripting tutorial! Example files are included (*.map and *.bsp) The Tutorial is in PDF offreded in two languages, German and English.

Note: Errors in the Turorial:

  • Control+K instead of Control+S to connect the pathnodes
  • The distance between each node hase to be under 128 units, NOT 256 !
  • The most Human-Like Actors are able to patrol with the follwoing command ($actorname is a synonym for the real actor-targetname): $actorname.settendency("patrol",1);

DOWNLOAD Character Patrol Tutorial: | HaZardModding

Scripted Doors

This is a example how to create rotating doors.

This is a very basic script it is well comented. The map file is inside the pk3 in subfolder maps.

DOWNLOAD Scripted Doors: | HaZardModding

PrintPositionToConsole script

Print Position To Consol (pptc) this script prints your current position in to the console.

DOWNLOAD PrintPositionToConsole script: | HaZardModding


Triggerish is a HaZardModding trigger-test-map.

On Triggerish we did Test some Triggers, what is possible in combination with Script.

DOWNLOAD Triggerish: | HaZardModding