Recently the Star Trek: Elite Force II Server list remains empty, this is due to the Elite Force II Master Server being down.

Read our article how to solve that issue.

Our Modifications

Star Trek: Elite Force II

HaZardModding Co-op Script Mod

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HaZardModding RPG Script Mod


A Role Playing Modification for the shooter Star TrekŪ Elite Force II, based on the HaZardModding Coop Mod Script Matrix.

This CC by-sa license release includes a example level with comments and a interactive mini mission.

You need to callvote or load the map rpg_exampleRPGmod to start the minimission.

The HaZardModding RPG Script Mod is under the Creative Common License BY-SA Creative Common License by-sa Creative Common License by Creative Common License sa

More details regarding the license can be found on at Mod-Profile!

Visit the Mod-Profile on Engage!

DOWNLOAD HaZardModding RPG Mod: | | HaZardModding

HaZardModding Blood Mod

This tiny Mod makes players bleed when taking damage.

HZM Blood Mod preview

This Modification works in Single-player and Multi-player, it does not effect the acual game-play.

The blood effect has been disabled in Star Trek: Elite Force II, this Modification enables the blood effect again.


  • Makes Players bleeding (blood is always red)
  • Blood stays on the floor and fades out within 12 secounds

DOWNLOAD the HZM Blood Mod: | | HaZardModding

Star Trek: Legacy

Menu Speed Up for Slow Computers

This modification speeds up the Menus

Legacy UI Mod preview

Every Player knows there is nothing more anyoing than a lagy or slow menu, it can one make goin insane.

This Modification disables the Background Video in the Game Menue, also some Wheels and the sliding very anoying Doors.

It helps on slow Computers to access the Game Menues significantely faster and much more precisely.

DOWNLOAD the Slow PC UI: | | HaZardModding

Chrome (aka Advanced Battlegrounds)

Chrome Language Changer Modification

Chrome Language Mod

Switch the language of Chrome between English and German

This Modification allows you to alternate the Language of Chrome.

Alternate the game between English and German language using the batch-file.



DOWNLOAD Chrome Language Mod: | | HaZardModding