Recently the Star Trek: Elite Force II Server list remains empty, this is due to the Elite Force II Master Server being down.

Read our article how to solve that issue.

Cooperative Projects (we have been officially involved)

Addons - Elite Force II

Pool for Pollywog

Deathmatch Pool is a beautiful designed and small map with a very unique characteristic of its own.

Map Specials:

  • Excellent Gameplay, for strafers and non-strafers
  • High detail in Ambient, with Lights and Sound
  • You can get drown under water (starts within in 15 sec)
  • Small air bubles approaching the water surface, show that you lost some air and health
  • A ventilator pushing you back to the water surface
  • Water splash when approaching the CompressionRiffle location
  • A well hidden secret to be discovered
  • Destructable gameplay embeded glass objects

DOWNLOAD dm_pool: | | HaZardModding

City of Feria

Dark places and neat spots for a ambush are plently available in the level City of Feria

But this is not all what this maps has to offer!

There is a lot creativity and beauty to explore in Feria, like gardens some Art here and there. But the best is the gamplay on Feria, a balanced hide and seak match is to be expected on Feria!

DOWNLOAD City of Feria: | HaZardModding