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Our Addons

Star Trek: Elite Force II

Borg Tower - Deathmatch Map

dm_borgTower DM Map

Originally the map was created by Flix but he never finished it, I recently discovered the map among his released source-files and couldn't resist the urge to complete it.

Borg Tower has the following features:

  • A well balanced and optimized Deathmatch gameplay
  • Borg Alcoves regenerate Player health
  • BORG AI enemies can be spawned
  • Bot Support

DOWNLOAD Borg Tower: | HaZardModding

MOM 2.0 - Multi Options Menu 2.0

My MOM for Elite Force II Multiplayer

This is the Next Generation of my MOM.

This is a playable Tech Demo, to demonstrate MOM 2.0 (Multi Options Menu).

This is alomst Identical to MOM but it is now more compatible to the Co-op mod and slightly more advanced.

In addition MOM 2.0 is almost 100% compatible to the old MOM

DOWNLOAD Multi Options Menu: | HaZardModding

MOM - Multi Options Menu

My MOM for Elite Force II Multiplayer

This is a playable Tech Demo, to demonstrate my new creation called MOM (Multi Options Menu).

The distinctive feature of this is that it enables the Player to use a specific Menu to choose between multiple options, his selection can be detected by the script and will perform the predefined action in a function.

This is similar to the stock singleplayer Menus, but it works in multiplayer any time, without cheats enabled.

This Techdemo provides the following features:

  • A two way Transporter with 4 available different coordinates
  • A Replicator, allowing you to pick up and use the items
  • 4 new interactivity indicator Symbols
  • Gives a weapon to the player on spawn
  • A Lift, with 9 levels to go
  • A controllable Fontaine
  • A Code access Panel
  • A destructible Lamp
  • 5 different Menus

DOWNLOAD Multi Options Menu: | HaZardModding

Dual Language Pack - Dual Sprach Packet

Dual Language Pack preview

This package allowes you to change the game Language.

Four files allowing you to change and mix the language of Star Trek: Elite Force II.

Supported is:

  • English only
  • German only
  • English with German text
  • German with English text.

DOWNLOAD Dual Language Pack: | HaZardModding


The legendary shuttleV2s, our Beginning.

HZM shuttleV2s preview

shuttleV2s stands for Shuttle version 2 Script, it is the second generation of our Flyable Shuttle Project, with better brush work and better scripts.

The Shuttle is made of Brushes and Models bound together to a script-origin, this script origin can be controlled via an User-Interface which appears when a player does press use in the shuttle interior at the pilot console.

The Shuttle offers the following unique features:

  • The first and only fully controllable Vehicle in the Game
  • The first Interactive destructible and repairable Vehicle in the Game
  • The first working brushed interactive shields, our shielding technique has been copied and reused in many different Games

The shuttleV2s became later the HaZardModding Logo

DOWNLOAD shuttleV2s: | | HaZardModding

Brushed Shuttle Nonscript (v2)

A fully brushed Shuttle, inside and outside.

It's for RPG Use or Multiplayer Use as well, it can be loadad into mapfiles via the Überradiant.

This is the best brushed shuttle ever made for STEF2!

DOWNLOAD Brushed Shuttle Nonscript: | HaZardModding

Real Water Script

A smart script which allows you to implement a script faking the effect of real water for Star Trek: Elite Force 2.

Players can get drown when remaining under the water surface for a longer duration of time. They louse health and leak air, which is shown as small air bubbles. Once these ascending air bubbles reach the water surface they vanish into a small water splash with a decent drip-sound.

DOWNLOAD shuttleV2s: | HaZardModding


Each Console does have a own Modus, each Modus is a different Fight-Simulation in Klingon style.

You can activate each Console by using the USE-key while you in front of the each console. If you start a other Mode while one Mode is already active the active mode will be stopped and the new Mode starts.

DOWNLOAD Schiessstand: | | HaZardModding

Stargate Tech Demo 2

Featuring a small building and very small outdoor environment, this map simulates the Stargate Effect

The package delivres you new sounds and textures/shaders in good quality

Mapping by Spannerads, Antiker and Chrissstrahl

DOWNLOAD Stargate Demo: | | HaZardModding


This Map is based on the design of the STVEF map ctf_faceoff.

It is a pure CTF map and supports all game types and Modifiers for EF2. This map and it's script is Open-source, the Music is by GhosT aka Zero5 (Cry).

DOWNLOAD CTF Faceoff: | HaZardModding

Interactive Forcefield

Interactive Forcefield is a small interactive example map.

This Map demonstrates what you can do with the stock ef2 Radiant and a little bit of scripting. It features a interactive Forcefiled, a script controlled NPC and a interactive Desklamp

DOWNLOAD CTF Faceoff: | HaZardModding

Bat'leth Arena

A small Bat'leth only map for all the Warriors out there!

This map features a mini-mission when loadad in Single-Player and offers a execelent battle ground for hot Bat'leth fights in Multi-Player

DOWNLOAD Bat'leth Arena: | HaZardModding

Plant Textures

This are simple Plant Textures with special Shaders.

The texures need to be placed on patches, cylinders or brushes, this are not models!

DOWNLOAD Plant Textures: | HaZardModding

old mp shuttle

A short shuttle ride is featured on this pre-version of shuttleV2s

You can start the shuttle by using the console next to the shuttle it's heck. You can fly with the shutte and/or shot the shuttle it's shilds.

DOWNLOAD old mp shuttle: | HaZardModding